Tom Rink, Nominated for International Board Position!

sla-logoYesterday SLA (the Special Libraries Association) announced the slate of candidates for the 2015 Board of Directors.  What an honor!  I have been nominated as a candidate for President-Elect!   Congratulations to all of my fellow candidates and thank you for stepping up and agreeing to be considered for candidacy.   What a talented and diverse slate of candidates to help lead SLA forward.  Let the dialogue begin as we embark upon this journey to the Board for the opportunity to work for and represent the members of this great global association.

Here’s to Libraries, Number Six!

BeineckeRareBookThe Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Yale University (Connecticut) is, according to their website, “one of the world’s largest libraries devoted entirely to rare books and manuscripts and is Yale’s principal repository for literary archives, early manuscripts, and rare books.”  Built in 1963, the library has roughly 500,000 volumes and several million manuscripts.

“What is more important in a library than anything else — than everything else — is the fact that it exists.”  (Archibald MacLeish, Pulitzer Prize winning American poet and former Librarian of Congress)

Source: photo courtesy of  (BuzzFeed).

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Library Journal’s Movers & Shakers 2014!

Movers2014LandingHeadCongratulations to the 2014 class of Movers & Shakers!  With this year’s class, the number of Movers has grown to over 650 librarians making a difference.  Each year Library Journal accepts nominations

These fifty librarians being honored fit into one of six categories: Advocates, Change Agents, Community Builders, Innovators, Marketers, and Tech Leaders.

Allow me a shout-out to Teresa Runnels, one of our local librarians here in the Tulsa City-County Library system, for being named a 2014 Mover & Shaker!  Congratulations Teresa!

Here’s a map showing the breakdown of all Movers & Shakers by State and Country.

Here’s to Libraries, Number Five!

libraryHere is a picture of the graduate reading room of the Suzzalo Library @ the University of Washington (in Seattle).  This library was named for Henry Suzzallo, (the president of the University of Washington)  President Suzzalo stepped down in 1926, the same year as the completion of the first phase of the library’s construction.  The architectural style is collegiate gothic and was inspired by Suzzallo’s stated belief that universities should be cathedrals of learning.

“I spent three days a week for ten years educating myself in the public library, and it’s better than college.  People should educate themselves — you can get a complete education for no money.  At the end of ten years, I had read every book in the library, and I’d written a thousand stories.”  (Ray Bradbury)

Source: photo courtesy of  (BuzzFeed).

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Welcome Our Newest Librarian!

IMG_0613The NSU Libraries, Broken Arrow Campus, is pleased to welcome their newest faculty member, Tamara Kharabora.  Tamara is filling the position of Information Services Librarian/Resource Coordinator to the College of Business and Technology.

Tamara has been a member of the NSU Broken Arrow library staff in multiple capacities — as a student, as a capstone intern, as a staff Technician III, and now as a faculty member.  Tamara completed and received her MLIS from the University of Oklahoma in Tulsa just last December. Tamara has lived in Washington, Missouri and Tennessee prior to moving to Oklahoma; she attended State Fair Community College (Sedalia, MO), Cleveland State Community College (Cleveland, TN) where she received her Associate of Arts degree, and NSU where she received her Bachelor of Science degree in English with a minor in Business.

Tamara speaks Russian/Ukrainian and has her ESL certificate (English as a Second Language).

Welcome aboard Tamara!

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Here’s To Libraries, Number Four!

Libraries_ThreeHaving been raised in a family where both parents were librarians, my appreciation for, and my understanding of, the value of libraries was never in question.  These values were instilled in me early in life.  This week’s inspirational library is the Admont Abbey Library (Austria)  The Admont Abbey is a Benedictine monastery that houses the second largest monastic library in the world (the largest is in Mafra, Portugal).  In addition to its long-established scientific collection, the Abbey is known for its Baroque architecture, art, and manuscripts.

“Here was one place where I could find out who I was and what I was going to become.  And that was the public library.”  (Jerzy Kosinski)

Source: photo courtesy of  (BuzzFeed).

Apps to Teach Literacy Skills!

In a recent issue of the t|h|e journal (February 2014), there was an article about seven apps that teach literacy skills.   As mentioned in the article, these “visual and sonic aids can help student with language disorders improve their reading, writing, and speaking.”

Here are the apps:

Here’s the link to the full article.

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