NSU Remains #1 For American Indian enrollment

Founded in 1851 as the Cherokee National Female Seminary, Northeastern State University remains at the number one rank for both the number of full-time undergraduate American Indian students and also the number of baccalaureate degrees earned by American Indian students.   

American Indian enrollment is currently twenty-eight (28) percent for overall student enrollment (2,665 students), and twenty-nine (29) percent for full-time undergraduate enrollment (1,882 students).  Average freshman percentages for American Indian students are currently at thirty-three (33) percent for a total of 331 students.

See below for graphics on American Indian College Graduates.  All information is provided by Winds of Change magazine’s 14th Annual College Guide for American Indians.  Thanks also to the Center for Tribal Studies for compiling additional information.

Largest Number of Baccalaureate Degrees
The largest numbers

The highest percentages

The largest numbers

The highest percentages

Posted by Pamela Louderback


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