New and Noteworthy: Where did the expression “The real McCoy come from?”

Check out some of our recent additions to the Youth Collection biography books.  Three biographies recall the stories of African American historical and recent figures. 

The Life of an African-American InventorEver wonder where the expression “the real McCoy” came from? You can find out by reading “The real McCoy: The life of an African-American inventor” that recalls African-American inventor Elijah McCoy whose successful design of an automatic oil cup may have inspired the popular phrase. This book introduces children to the life of the brilliant pioneer whose contributions to technology, science, and home are very much in evidence today.  A must read!

The Story of Guion Bluford (Trailblazer Biographies)Another recent addition, entitled “Space challenger: The story of Guion Bluford”  is a biography of Guy Bluford, the first black American in space, part of the crew of the space shuttle “Challenger” on its August 1983 flight.   His life reflects his personal motto that “there really aren’t any barriers to hold you back!” 

What Are You Figuring Now?: A Story About Benjamin Banneker (Creative Minds Biography)Also available is, “What are you figuring now: A story about Benjamin Banneker” — a biography of the African-American farmer and self-taught mathematician, astronomer, and surveyor for the new capital city of the United States in 1791, who also calculated a successful almanac notable for its preciseness.

 Come check our Biography Section!



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