NSUBA Library Employee Earns Prestigious Award

Linda Summers, one of our very own staff members, has been named this year’s recipient of the Irma Rayne Tomberlin Scholarship Award and will be honored this Saturday at a School of Library and Information Studies Beta Phi Mu reception at the University of Oklahoma.  The award was established in 1985 to recognize an outstanding student in the SLIS program each year. Summers is very close to finishing her Master’s degree in Library and Information Studies through the OU SLIS program, and those of us lucky enough to work with her know firsthand how outstanding she is – now the rest of the library community will as well! Congratulations Linda!

Posted by Jamie Holmes


2 responses to “NSUBA Library Employee Earns Prestigious Award

  1. Wow! Thanks, Jamie! Now where did I put those tissues?

    Seriously, I was completely surprised even to be considered for nomination.

  2. It always seems to mean more to the individual when it is a surprise. And, while merely being nominated is honor enough, to actually win is really fantastic. Congratulations on a job well done.

    Tom R.

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