“Dr.” Louderback!

Dr. Pamela Louderback


Congratulations are in order for our very own Pamela Louderback who successfully defended her dissertation on Tuesday, April 29th, at Oklahoma State University’s College of Education! 

The title of Dr. Louderback’s dissertation: “Comparing the Predictive Validity of Traditional Intellectual Measures to Socio-Cultural Factors for American Indian College Student Academic Success.” 

Dr. Louderback’s major findings were that when attempting to predict academic success, demographics as well as the typical cognitive factors (ACT scores, GPA) were ineffective predictors when applied to American Indian students. 

The defense took a mere 25 minutes and was of such a caliber that the Dissertation Committee recommended nominating it for “Best Dissertation of the Year” within the OSU College of Education.

Way to go Dr. Louderback!

Posted by Tom Rink


2 responses to ““Dr.” Louderback!

  1. While I don’t know Dr. Louderback, it’s great to see one of my namesake have great success…! Pass along my congrats.

  2. Elizabeth Bennethum


    Dr. Louderback :)


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