Campus Flags at Half Staff Today

*Photo by Randall Wylie

Federal and state flags are at half staff today in accordance with President George W. Bush’s 2002 proclamation, “Peace Officers’ Memorial Day and Police Week.”

Here’s an excerpt from the proclamation:

“The name of each fallen officer has a place of honor on the National Law Enforcement Officers’ Memorial wall in Washington, D.C. This monument ensures that the valor of the more than 15,000 law enforcement officers lost since 1794 will never be forgotten.

“Peace Officers’ Memorial Day and Police Week pay tribute to the local, State, and Federal law enforcement officers who serve and protect us with courage and dedication.

~George W. Bush

Posted by Linda Summers


2 responses to “Campus Flags at Half Staff Today

  1. Thank you for this post. And, let me apologize for not posting it myself. You are just more “on the ball” than the rest of us I’m afraid. Being a retired law enforcement officer, this is a wonderful way to remember those who have given the ultimate sacrifice without actually traveling to DC (or the State service in OKC).

    Tom R.

  2. I’ve also just noticed/realized that if you click on the link for the “National Law Enforcement Officers’ Memorial Wall” that one of the rotating pictures is of a member of the Tulsa Police Department’s Honor Guard (all we see is his back, but the “green shirt” is unmistakable).

    Tom R.

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