Kudos and Congratulations!

Hearty congratulations to our very own Linda Summers (Library Technician III) who has just been informed that she’s passed her library school written comprehensive final!  Way to go Linda, job well done.  Add the M.L.I.S. (Masters in Library and Information Studies) after your name proudly!  Welcome to the club!

Posted by Tom Rink


2 responses to “Kudos and Congratulations!

  1. Thank you for the public recognition, Tom!

    And thank you for the moral support and positive attitude during the days I prepared to test and while I waited for results.

  2. You are very welcome. I’m quite proud of you and your accomplishment. I too had to acquire my MLIS while working full-time. And, I did not have the pressures of a family to contend with. Best of luck in landing the first “professional” position! (I’m hoping that it will be here.)

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