New Library Director Named!

Here’s the announcement from Dr. Dalton Bigbee:

“I am very pleased to announce that Dr. Sheila Collins has accepted the position of Executive Director of Libraries effective September 29, 2008.  Dr. Collins comes to us from Minot State University in North Dakota, where she is the Library Director in the Gordon B. Olson Library.  Dr. Olson is an attorney and has an extensive background in leading academic libraries, as well as experience in law libraries.  I know that you will join me in welcoming her to campus.

I want to express my deep appreciation to Mr. Tom Messner, who has served for the last eight months as Interim Director of Libraries, “on loan” from his regular position as the Library Director at our Broken Arrow campus.  Thanks, Tom, for your very capable service during this interregnum.

Thanks, too, to Dr. Martin Venneman, Dean of the College of Science and Health Professions and chair of the search committee, and to his team of professional searchers:  Dr. Renee Cambiano, Dr. Brian Cowlishaw, Ms. Kate Felzien, Ms. Peggy Kaney, Dr. Julia Kwok, Dr. Tom Salmon, Ms. Vickie Sheffler, Ms. Linda Summers, Dr. Eric Terdal, and Dr. Linda West.  Your service on the search committee is greatly appreciated.”

Posted by Tom Rink


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