Call for Papers!

Call for Papers

Information to Inspiration:  Knowledge & Vision Shaping the Future

SLA – Washington, D.C. 2009

SLA Contributed Papers:  An opportunity to share your knowledge! 

Are you using your expert knowledge and talents to shape the future?  Do you have a vision of what the future will look like?   Are others inspired by your ideas, innovations, and passion?    How is your workplace preparing for the future?  Do you have valuable insight from lessons learned that could help other information professionals? If so, here is your opportunity to engage in scholarship and share that knowledge with your peers.

SLA is now accepting proposals for papers to be presented at its Annual Conference June 14-17, 2009 in Washington, D.C., with the theme “Information to Inspiration: Knowledge & Vision Shaping the Future.”  Accepted papers will also be published on the SLA website.

Every SLA member is eligible and encouraged to apply.  The deadline for submitting a proposal is December 12, 2008.  All proposals should be sent via email to:  Proposals should be approximately 250-300 words in length. The proposals will be evaluated by a panel of SLA members in a blind review and the strongest will be selected for development into full papers due May 1, 2009.  

Topics of the papers should be related to library science, information management, research or other issues related to customer service, technology, or administration in special libraries. Proposals will be judged on their relevance to the conference theme “Information to Inspiration” or the tag “Knowledge and Vision Shaping the Future”, as well on the strength of the idea, quality of writing, and potential member interest.

For more information contact Justine Wheeler at or  visit the SLA webpage:

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