New Division @ SLA!

Well, it is official, the Special Libraries Association Board of Directors voted unanimously to create a new Academic Division to compliment their many other subject and function oriented divisions.  The petition to propose this new division was signed by 167 interested members and will be led by Stacey Greenwell, University of Kentucky Libraries, as their first Chair.

Their scope note is as follows:

The Academic Division focuses on topics of interest to academic librarians from all subject disciplines.  This division is committed to improving the quality of teaching and research at academic institutions by promoting collaborative opportunities between information professionals and the larger academic community.    While other divisions are concerned with specific subject areas, the Academic Division covers topics of a general nature relevant to all academic librarians from all subject disciplines, such as:

·         Understanding the special needs of working with diverse groups within the academic community–undergraduates, graduate students, faculty, staff, alumni, community patrons, etc.

·         Collaborating with other campus units in order to build partnerships to strengthen the library and further the strategic direction of the institution

·         Utilizing technology to enhance the user experience in the academic library, such as virtual reference and distance learning technologies

·         Working effectively with campus administration to improve library funding and support

·         Providing opportunities for professional development through both effective programming and networking with other counterparts

·         Enhancing institutional efforts to improve recruitment and retention of students, promoting the ideals of information literacy to the academic community and exemplifying the higher aspirations of academic librarianship and information professionals to both the academic institution and the local community

Posted by Tom Rink


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