New Table of Content Service!

This just in from Gary Price’s Resource Shelf blog:  (pretty cool stuff)

TicTOCs is a new scholarly journal tables of contents (TOCs) service. It’s free, its easy to use, and it provides access to the most recent tables of contents of over 11,000 scholarly journals from more than 400 publishers. It helps scholars, researchers, academics and anyone else keep up-to-date with what’s being published in the most recent issues of journals on almost any subject.

Using ticTOCs, you can find journals of interest by title, subject or publisher, view the latest TOC, link through to the full text of over 250,000 articles (where institutional or personal subscriptions, or Open Access, allow), and save selected journals to MyTOCs so that you can view future TOCs (free registration is required if you want to permanently save your MyTOCs). ticTOCs also makes it easy to export selected TOC RSS feeds to popular feedreaders such as Google Reader and Bloglines, and in addition you can import article citations into RefWorks (where institutional or personal subscriptions allow).


Behind the scenes, the ticTOCs service aggregates TOC RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds produced by journal publishers. The content of the TOCs displayed within ticTOCs is dependent on the information contained in the publishers’ RSS feeds. RSS feeds exported via ticTOCs are the publishers’ own feeds. Links to articles are to either the full text, or landing pages, on publishers’ websites. Content includes journals from Elsevier, Springer-verlag, John Wiley and Sons, Informa (Taylor and Francis), Sage Publications, Sabinet Online, Oxford University Press, Inderscience Publishers, Cambridge University Press, Biomed Central, Wolters Kluwer, Emerald, IEEE, Revues, Nature Publishing Group, Hindawi, Institute of Physics, and over 400 other publishers.

Here’s the link to Roddy MacLeod’s blog post/press release.

Posted by Tom Rink


2 responses to “New Table of Content Service!

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  2. Thank you for mentioning ticTOCs. I hope your readers find it useful.

    Roddy MacLeod
    ticTOCs Management Support

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