Louderback to present in Albuquerque next month

images_albDr. Pamela Louderback will be representing NSU in Albuquerque, New Mexico during the last week of February. She will be presenting research papers at two separate conferences. At the Southwest Texas Popular Culture (SWTX/PCA) conference which is being held February 25-28, she will present “Communicating through Popular Culture: Information Literacy Components in Freshman Orientation”. In this presentation, she will discuss her use of popular culture themes in a freshman English Strategies course that incorporates information literacy components to develop skills, techniques and strategies for retrieving information through a variety of video-based multimedia.

She will also present at the New Mexico Higher Education Assessment and Retention (NMHEAR) Conference, February 26-27. Dr. Louderback’s presentation, entitled “Retention of Native American students: Uncovering Epistemological Possibilities”, is derived from research that explored the differential effects of cognitive and non-cognitive factors on college success for Native freshmen students enrolled in a College Strategies course. She will discuss factors that promote academic success and provide better understanding of Native “ways-of-knowing”, share current innovative initiatives taking place at the institution, and offer recommendations for educational administrators, faculty, staff and counselors that promote student success.


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