TCC-NSU Partnership Announced!

Today marked the evolution of a partnership between Tulsa Community College (blue) and Northeastern State University (green).   Dr. Don Betz (President, NSU) and Dr. Tom McKeon )President, TCC) each provided brief remarks followed by the signing of the official agreement.

Blue to Green, Smart Choice!  Roadmaps to Success

“Smart Choice” offers students the opportunity to apply for dual admission to both TCC and NSU.  So, while working on your Associate’s degree, you can begin preparing for your smooth transition to NSU to continue in a Bachelor’s degree program.

NSU offers 56 undergraduate degree programs on three campuses (Tahlequah, Muskogee, and Broken Arrow) and “roadmaps” (pre-designed plans of study) are being finalized for 48 of these programs.

Some TCC courses are already being taught at NSU’s Broken Arrow campus.  This program will allow you to continue at the same location to complete your Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees as well.

Two Institutions.  One Seamless Transition.

Posted by Tom R.


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