Displays at the Library for the month of June

To achieve our increased efforts of reaching out to the community, our displays for the month of June relied on collaborative partnerships with several area entities.

The month of June celebrates a variety of the aspects of American culture. At the NSU Broken Arrow library, we chose to highlight two national celebrations: the ‘Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender Pride’ Month that highlighting LGBT contributions made to society; and the ‘National Zoos and Aquariums’ Month that highlights the importance of zoos and aquariums in educating the public about conservation. To create our displays, we relied on several area foundations that generously provided an abundance of materials.

We wish to graciously thank the Nancy and Joe McDonald Rainbow Library, the Tulsa Zoo and Living Museum, and the Oklahoma Aquarium for their donations to our three displays. Thanks to the collaborative partnerships with these entities, the NSU Broken Arrow library was able to provide educational and enlightening exhibits for our patrons. June display 002June display 006June display 011


One response to “Displays at the Library for the month of June

  1. Well,…. I am disappointed that the Sexually diverse groups of folks chose to use a rainbow as a symbol, because… that caused a group of kids I work with to be denied the option of using the rainbow and its colors for their summer camp 2 years ago. We were stuck with yellow, on a background of green, in an arc shape. It was ugly!!

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