Tuesday’s Technology Tip – iCyte


Clunky, disorganized bookmarks can only handle a certain amount of information before they become difficult to sift through. And the copy/paste function doesn’t save formatting, it’s difficult to organize, and it’s harder to link back to the original web site for easy reference. Try iCyte – a free web research management tool that lets you save and annotate entire web pages. Much better than bookmarks, it lets you highlight the most useful text directly on the saved web page, issue-tag, search, comment, and securely share your saved content with others. The operating systems iCyte works with include

* Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista, Server 2003, 7)
* Mac OS X
* Linux

Although recommended for use with Firefox (3.0 and above), iCyte works with Internet Explorer 7 and 8.

Any HTML file that you can access using your web browser can be annotated. Some examples include:

* Newspaper articles
* Technical documentation
* Knowledgebase articles
* Confirmation screens for ordering products (flights, hotels, books, …)
* Product reviews
* Youtube videos

To download iCyte and sign up for an account, visit the download wizard.  Instructions for how to use the basic iCyte functionality may be found in this tutorial.

iCyte changes the dynamic for data storage and retrieval by saving and organizing “Cytes” (text, pictures, articles – even entire web pages) with a click of a button. It works with any information (Google, Yahoo, intranet, or a password protected online database).

To learn more about iCyte check out this video overview.

Posted by Pamela Louderback


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