Tuesdays Technology Tip: XSS attack on Twitter

To fellow “Tweeters” — below is a more succinct version of the Twitter virus warning:

Recently, Twitter was exploited by a very notorious hacker.  Twitter has been prone to hacks and viruses as well as other social networking sites like Facebook, Myspace and many other more.  This is because the greater impact it will have on the social media chaos, the greater the hackers think their achievement is.

What the virus was doing is to retweet malicious sites to your friends and when you hover the mouse on it, some third party pop-up website will appear and will install malicious applications into your computer.

As for now, Twitter status update message said that they stabilized the situation already.  You can check that status update here.

UPDATE: Here’s a more succinct version of the issue! If you see a black box in the place of text on Twitter today, do not mouse over it. It is a virus and you don’t even have to click on it, just mouse over it to activate it.

NEW YORK – A new way to cause mischief is spreading through short-messaging service Twitter as mysterious “tweets” of blocked-out text propagate themselves and cause popup windows to open.

The hack spreading Tuesday morning is extra nefarious because the tweets activate without being clicked on — it’s enough for Web surfers to move their mouse cursors over them.

However, the hack only affects visitors to Twitter.com. Various third-party programs used to send and read tweets appear to be unaffected.

The popups can contain malicious code that could take over poorly protected computers.

Posted by Dr. Louderback


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