Your Assistance Please – Help NSU Libraries Plan for Tomorrow

Library Focus Group Sessions

Tuesday, September 28 at 3pm
Wednesday, September 29 10am and 2pm
Thursday, September 30 10am

Library Lab/Room 105

FREE FOOD AT THE LIBRARY!! (But wait, there’s a catch.)

The John Vaughan Library is in the planning process of adapting the first floor into an Information Commons.  What the heck is an information commons you ask?  The concept is new, so new that we can’t define it alone.  We need your help. That’s why we are inviting Students, Faculty and Staff to attend one of our four moderated focus group sessions.  If you like cookies, come to one of the morning sessions.  If Pizza sounds better, contact us to schedule attending an afternoon session.  We are limited to 10-15 attendees for each session, and each session will last 45 to 90 minutes, depending on the discussion.  Need more group meeting space?  Want access to video camera and video production abilities?  What other functions or materials would you like to see in your library?  Now is your opportunity to help us make the John Vaughan Library what you want it to be.

We truly value your input and look forward to hearing your suggestions.

To RSVP, please contact one of the following:

Brandon Oberg –
Dana Letts –
Rachel Whitaker –

Posted by Linda Summers


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