Tom Rink Receives Invitation to Serve on OU’s SLIS Advisory Board

Congratulations to one of our own!  Tom Rink has received a significant honor by being invited to serve on the University of Oklahoma’s School of Library and Information Advisory Board.

OU SLIS is  in the process of reestablishing their Advisory Board and invited Tom to continue his service in the professional library field for 2010-11 by serving on the Board.

The OU SLIS Advisory Board has traditionally served as a valuable source of feedback for the improvement of OU’s programs and to gather input for planning for their future.  Since OU has three degree programs: Master’s of Library and Information Studies (MLIS), Masters of Knowledge Management (MSKM), and Bachelor of Arts in Information Studies (BAIS), it has a broad constituency ranging from libraries and information centers to large corporations as well as non-profit organizations. Their mission is to prepare graduates to be leaders in the provision of information and knowledge services to meet the complex information needs of our diverse, highly technological, and knowledge-based global society.

Tom was considered to be an ideal person to serve on the Board “for so many reasons ranging from your experiences as a solo special librarian to your current position at Northeastern State University Library and to your continuous support of OU SLIS, not to mention that you are one of most famous alumni! Your interests and expertise closely align with the curriculum and goals of all three of our degree programs” as noted by Dr. Cecelia Brown, Professor and Director of the OU SLIS program.

We are extremely pleased and proud that Tom has been given this well-deserved honor.  His continued work on the Advisory Board will afford him the opportunity to further develop community relationships while representing NSU!

Posted by Pamela Louderback


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