Notes Taken at CTLSC Meeting – Dec 3, 2010


CTL Steering Committee
Chair Notes
December 3, 2010




  • Kyla Eden
  • Kip Finnegan
  • Earlena McKee


  • Martha Parrott
  • Donna Shelton
  • Rick Shelton


  • Linda Summers
  • Vanessa Whitley
  • Chuck Ziehr

Absent with Notice

  • Cari Keller
  • Judy Moody
  • Stacy Thompson

Personnel updates in AA/CTL

Online Instructional Designer – Job ad posted online – Eight applications received and reviewed by CTL staff thus far. Posted start date of January 4.

CTL Updates:

Wimba Collaboration Suite

Delay in implementation due to issues with vendor contract. This delay will affect original plans for IMLS grant, online graduate reading program, and others. As a result, Rick Shelton is revising plans for the IMLS grant. Chuck Ziehr will contact head of other programs impacted, after receiving list from CTL staff.

Quality Matters

  • Training has been scheduled for initial group of 10 faculty peer reviewers: Cari Keller, Diana Mashburn, Jeff Lowenthal, Judy Moody, Kip Finnegan, Marvita McGuire, Mike Wilds, Rick Shelton, Penny Sommers. Disciplines currently represented include Liberal Arts, Business, Science, and Education.
  • Linda Moss has accepted a position at UCO and will need to be replaced as a reviewer in this program. Requests will be sent to deans for recommendations.
  • The program still needs a faculty trainer responsible for future training of those assigned as peer reviewers.
  • The program requires that one peer reviewer come from outside NSU for each course being reviewed. The charge for this service is $600 per course, unless a reciprocal agreement can be arranged.
  • UCO was mentioned as a school that created their own review process modeled after the QM program. They will be contacted to determine why they chose to do so. A potential plus of a homegrown program is to save money. A negative is that the QM program is a nationally recognized standard, as respected as such.

OpenCourseWare Consortium

Application still under review by OC committee.

Blackboard 9.1

  • Faculty sandbox for training coming in Spring semester.
  • Linda Summers currently using both 8.0 as NSU faculty and 9.0 as part-time faculty at TCC. Says 9.0 has several benefits over 8.0, including fewer steps for many of the most popular functions, such as recording grades and adding announcements. Most new functions are intuitive and will require little training. The primary training needed will be how to set up the Gradebook, as it contains the most significant changes from 8.0 and is the least intuitive.

AVPAA Search Update – Martha

  • Committee just completed rewriting specs. Changes from the original include a change in the requirements for past administrative experience, in order to increase the pool of candidates who are both leaders and experts in contemporary pedagogy.
  • The job add will be posted upon completion – the goal being next week.


  • E-course Compensation Application – applications currently being processed in preparation for review.
  • Creativity World Forum – NSU had highly successful booth, interactive, professional, and fun.
  • Race to Nowhere/Waiting for Superman screenings – a program to screen the documentaries is currently underway. CTL will plan and sponsor the semester-long event.

Offer for Professional Development

Donna Shelton offered to host a workshop on how faculty can use Twitter for professional development purposes.


  • Survey will be sent to members to evaluate makeup and effectiveness of committee since inception last spring. Including what the committee did well, what the committee could have done better, suggestions on how to improve.

Next meeting:

Survey will be sent to determine best interval, time, and place for Spring meetings.


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