“My EBSCOhost” Changes!

EBSCOhost has recently instituted some changes that we have discovered impact TCC (Tulsa Community College) students and their “My EBSCOhost” accounts/folders.

There was a time when TCC students could access their “My EBSCOhost” from either TCC or NSU (Northeastern State University) sites.  Unfortunately, this is no longer the case.   If the student’s original account was set up through TCC, their user ID will only be associated with TCC (they will not be able to access their TCC account through the NSU website).

If you are a TCC student who has transitioned to NSU during the summer, any articles or searches you may have saved since July will not be available (if done through the NSU site).  
If you have set up your account as an NSU user and are accessing “My EBSCOhost” through NSU, then nothing has changed.
New option for TCC students: set up a new “My EBSCOhost” account through NSU’s site (which will require a new username).
EBSCO advises that you can share folders between the two accounts (most likely TCC and NSU for us).  The link below explains how to share the folder.  The tech person also pointed out that the resources would have to be the same for each institution.  For example, if TCC did not have access to PsychINFO, any articles from NSU’s PsychINFO would not be able to be shared with the TCC account.  We were not given a technical reason why this change occurred.  Sorry for any inconvenience that this may have caused our TCC students.


Posted by Tom R.


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