Happy Thesaurus Day!

Did you know that today is Thesaurus Day? Happy Birthday (1779) to Peter Mark Roget, author of Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases (now known as Roget’s Thesaurus). So feel free to go out and celebrate, or . . . .

beat the drum, bless, blow off steam, carouse, ceremonialize, commend, consecrate, dedicate, drink to, eulogize, exalt, extol, feast, fete, glorify, hallow, have a ball, honor, jubilate, keep, kick up one’s heels, laud, let loose, lionize, live it up, make merry, make whoopee, mark with a red letter, memorialize, observe, paint the town red, party, perform, praise, proclaim, publicize, raise hell, rejoice, revel, revere, ritualize, signalize, solemnize.

Source: www.thesaurus.com

Posted by Tom R.


2 responses to “Happy Thesaurus Day!

  1. I love this! Very clever of you Tom! Made me smile.

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