Quick-thinking staff rescues books

Maintenance worker dries carpet near plastic-covered library shelves

It was an exciting afternoon at the Broken Arrow library today. Humidity from the stormy weather and a blocked floor drain in the mechanical part of the building caused a small flood, which created leaks in the ceiling tiles and light fixtures over two ranges of books and other materials.

Library shelves covered in plastic sheeting to protect books from water leaks

Fortunately, staff members were quick to act on the situation. Jiles spotted the first falling drops and alerted Tom and Karl. The three of them covered the shelves with plastic sheeting, then worked with Pamela and Rickey to pull materials in danger of being dampened. Maintenance staff also joined in to dry the carpet and set up fans to dry off books.

In all, only about two dozen volumes were affected, and most should be able to be dried and returned to the collection. Great job, everyone!

Posted by Karl G. Siewert


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