News site Vocativ uses intelligence-gathering software to dig into the Deep Web.

One of the things that librarians evangelize about is the concept of the “Deep Web”. Search engines like Google only serve up surface information, and there is much more out there. As this FastCompany article explains, “The ‘deep web’ consists of all the things available on the Internet that standard search engines overlook–things like spreadsheets and Word documents, subscription-only journals and pages with dynamic content.”

Librarians, of  course, want to mine this information for their patrons’ research needs, but a news site that launched in October called Vocativ is using software formerly used by bleeding-edge financial analysts and intelligence agencies to dig up highly unusual stories.

Unlike a lot of popular “news” sites, Vocativ is not regurgitating stories found elsewhere. They are using original research and actual journalists and analysts to tell stories that no one else is finding. Here are a few examples:

Some of Vocativ’s stories tend toward the salacious and sensational, but they are never boring, and never what you will see anywhere else.

Posted by Karl S.


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