Big Read Events: Professional Development Workshops

Movement to PoetryOn Tuesday, April 17, 2018,  we held another Big Read Event and it was a huge success. There were two professional development teacher workshops facilitated by Melissa Hort, Co-Director OSU Writing Project and curriculum developer.

These workshops were held in the NSU BA Annex with 25 to 30 education students attending. The majority of these students are about to start their internships and were very excited to have this opportunity to learn more about teaching and classroom management. The first workshop was entitled “Movement to Poetry” and the second, “Noting Movement and the Use of Descriptive Language. Melissa taught the students how to use movement to tell stories. The students participated by gathering into groups and learning the movements while reading poetry and short stories. Melissa also taught the students how to better manage their classrooms without speaking, but using movement instead. The students learned how to work collaboratively and also how to use movement in their classrooms to help students better understand what they are reading.

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