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New Library Director in BA!

This may be a couple of weeks late (our new director started earlier this month), but with the start of the new semester, things have been a bit hectic and I’m just now getting caught up (my humblest apologies).

Join me in congratulating Dr. Pamela Louderback as she takes over the helm as Director of the Library on the Broken Arrow Campus.

Pamela is an Assistant Professor and has been with NSU Broken Arrow since its beginning in October of 2001.

Her personal and professional research interests include assisting students in the transition to college.  She researches and writes in the areas of integrating technology into the curriculum, developing structured communication forms of distribution media through integrated library systems, leadership in higher education, social justice for indigenous peoples, and academic achievement and retention of American Indian college students.

Pamela has done a bit of international travel as well.  In July of 2008, she had the opportunity to visit Tasmania to present research based on my dissertation topic – “Sociocultural factors to American Indian academic success in college” and presented her ongoing research on academic success/retention at the APA conference in Toronto during August 2009.  She was the proud recipient of a UK Fulbright research scholarship in 2010 (Scholar in Governance and Public Policy 2011) to Queen’s University Belfast and was fortunate to have the opportunity to learn firsthand the rich history and heritage of the Irish, their Department of Education and it’s public policy, and the role it plays in language revitalization efforts.   The next country she plans to visit is New Zealand to engage in further research for a book.  The concept for the book she’s working on focuses on the destruction of indigenous cultural languages with a chapter devoted to a variety of cultures/places: Aboriginal/Australia, American Indian/U.S, First Nation/Canada, Irish/Northern Ireland, Welsh/Wales, Maori/New Zealand.

Congratulations Dr. Louderback and welcome to the corner office.

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The Results Are In!

And Dr. Pamela Louderback has been elected to the Vice-President position of KIPA (the Knowledge and Information Professionals Association).  In addition, Dr. Louderback has also been appointed to the Information Outlook Advisory Council of the Special Libraries Association (SLA) as well as elected to the President-Elect position of the Oklahoma Chapter of SLA!

Congratulations Dr. Louderback!

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Check Out Our New Displays!

If you haven’t been by the library building lately (BALB), you may want to swing by to check out our new displays.  We have a huge display case on each floor just outside the library (as you go toward the Liberal Arts building — BALA).  In the downstairs display we have the “History of Technology at the NSU Libraries.”  Come take a nostalgic trip down memory lane . . .  do you remember using similar equipment?  On the second floor, we have a display of “Travel Photography.”  Included in this display are the photographs (from assorted destinations) of NSU’s Interim Executive Director, Paula Setton, as well as the photos of Kateri Louderback (from Ireland and the UK)  Kateri is the daughter of Dr. Pamela Louderback, Assistant Professor and Information Services Librarian.  These are some great pictures.

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Exellence Abounds!

Here is the official announcement from Provost Tadlock regarding this year’s “Circle of Excellence Award” nominees.  Included in the list is one of the library’s own Fulbright Scholars: Dr. Pamela Louderback (for research).  Way to go Pamela!  Congratulations on your nomination!

The following faculty have been nominated for Circle of Excellence recognition this year.  As you know, NSU’s Circle of Excellence program recognizes faculty who are nominated by their colleagues as exemplary contributors to the areas of teaching, research, and service.  Please join us in congratulating them on their nomination.

A faculty committee will review portfolios for each nominee and select finalists who will be recognized at the annual awards ceremony this spring.

The following faculty from the College of Liberal Arts have been nominated by their peers to become a member of the NSU Faculty Circle of Excellence.
Les Hannah -Service, Teaching and Research
Kristopher Copeland – Service
Cassie Wier Freise – Service
Cari Keller – Service and Teaching
Tracy Hunsaker – Service
David Linebarger – Service
Robyn Magee Pursley -Teaching
Carolyn Cox – Teaching
Kendra Zoellner – Teaching
Amy Aldridge-Sanford – Teaching

The following faculty from the Library has been nominated by her peers to become a member of the NSU Faculty Circle of Excellence.
Pamela Louderback – Research

The following faculty from the College of Education have been nominated by their peers to become a member of the NSU Faculty Circle of Excellence.

Stephan Sargent – Service
Rick Williams – Service
Allyson Watson – Service
Sarah Deal – Teaching
Dan Glascow -Service

The following faculty from the College of Science & Health Professions have been nominated by their peers to become a member of the NSU Faculty Circle of Excellence.

Monica Macklin – Teaching
Mark Paulissen – Service
Jessica Martin – Research

The following faculty from the College of Business & Technology have been nominated by their peers to become a member of the NSU Faculty Circle of Excellence.

Julia Kwok – Research
Isaac DiIanni – Teaching
Deborah Lee – Teaching
Joan Williams – Teaching
Ken Jones – Teaching
Mike Landry – Teaching

Congratulations one and all!

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Congratulations Dr. Louderback!

It’s official!  Dr. Louderback has been promoted to Assistant Professor, AND has been transitioned to a tenure-track position.  Congratulations Dr. Louderback.  Let’s start building that faculty file immediately!