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All Hail, Ranganathan!

I know this isn’t “throwback Thursday,” but allow me to indulge in a reminiscent walk down memory lane from the long past days of library school . . . I can still remember when I first heard the name of Dr. S.R. Ranganathan in Dr. Haynes course on cataloging . . . here is an infographic (courtesy of  USC Online) to help us remember (and appreciate) Ranganathan’s five laws of librarianship.  They still apply today, but as you’ll see at the bottom of the infographic, Michael Gorman (then President of the American Library Association) revised them a bit back in 1998.   Enjoy!

Source: USC Online

How Google is Changing Education!

Here’s an infographic that outlines the impact that google is having on education (source: TopMastersinEducation.com).


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Help in the Classroom!

Happy April!  Did you know that the Library of Congress is an excellent resource for help in finding materials for your classroom (primary sources, presentations, lesson plans, etc.)?   Why not check out the world’s largest library and see what they have to offer?  Here’s an infographic (courtesy of BestCollegesOnline.com) that outlines some of these resources.
Teaching With the Library of Congress

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Professors’ Use of Social Media!

Last week I posted an infographic on mobile technology use by students. So, why not follow it up this week with an infographic (Courtesy of BestCollegesOnline.com) on professors’ use of social media?

Professors & Social Media

Students’ Use of Mobile Technology!

Another semester is in the books and the students will be beginning their holiday break. But when they return in January, are you aware of how they are currently using mobile technology throughout the course of their day? Here’s an infographic from OnlineDegrees.org that examines the use of mobile technology by college students.

Mobile Lives of Online Colleges

Have You Googled It?

Happy Friday!  Many people use Google to find information on the internet, but are they finding what they need?  How many people are actually maximizing their search capabilities by really searching (and searching smart) using advanced tips, tricks, and techniques?  I would hazard to guess, not many.  Here is an amazing infographic (courtesy of HackCollege.com) that introduces and demonstrates some efficient and effective ways to search Google.  Enjoy and happy searching!  And, now that you know how to be smarter in your searching of Google, don’t forget that you have access to many more resources at your local library as well (public, school, university, corporate, etc.).  Note: click on the graphic and then click again on the “shrunken version” of the graphic to get a cleaner, more readable representation.

A Real Time Look at Social Media!

Here’s a real time glimpse into the exponential growth of social media (courtesy of Gary Hayes).  Enjoy!  Here’s a link to his blog post just in case you are interested in more background information on these counts as well as some historical statistics on the use of social media.


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