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White Christmas!

It’s that time of year. The NSU-BA Library is very busy getting ready for the Christmas Decorating Contest. We currently hold the title for best decor for 2016. This year’s theme is White Christmas. Our decor is based on the movie White Christmas. If you have not seen it, please do so. It’s a very good movie.

Our decor includes a White Christmas Trivia contest for the students to play. If they answer all the questions correctly they instantly collect a special sweet treat and their names are entered into a drawing for a pair of movie passes to a local theater. How fun! The decorations will be judged on November 30th, and the winner will be announced at the Holiday Luncheon on December 1st.

Our November question on our Interactive Whiteboard was: What is your favorite Thanksgiving food?

The students and staff stopped by to let us know about their favorites.
There were a variety of answers:
Turkey and dressing
Creamed corn
Chicken Tikka

So, what’s was your favorite food this Thanksgivings? I was very fond of my sweet potato pie. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving break. I am looking forward to spending some time with friends and family for the Christmas holiday as well. And eating some great food.



Here’s to Libraries, Number Two!

UnivClubThe next installment in my “quotes about libraries” series has the marvelous backdrop of the University Club Library (New York City)–allow me a quick shout out to my friend and colleague, Andrew Berner (Librarian at the University Club)–with a quotation from Anne Herbert on the importance of libraries.  Ms. Herbert has also been credited with coining the phrase “Practice random kindness and senseless acts of beauty.”  Happy Friday!

Source: photo courtesy of danieldalton.me  (BuzzFeed).

Posted by Tom R.

Here’s to Libraries, Number One!

LibQuote1Okay, these beautiful photos and corresponding quotations crossed a couple of my blog feeds encouraging me to “steal this idea” while promoting my library.  So, here goes.    This is the first of twenty-eight amazing photographs of assorted libraries from across the world (courtesy of Daniel Dalton).  Each photo includes a wonderful quotation about libraries.  Enjoy!  The first photo: The Long Room, Trinity College Library, University of Dublin; the first quotation: “Libraries are the thin red line between civilisation and barbarism.”  (Neil Gaiman)

Source: via danieldalton.me  (BuzzFeed), and Stephen Abram (Stephen’s Lighthouse)

New Library Director in BA!

This may be a couple of weeks late (our new director started earlier this month), but with the start of the new semester, things have been a bit hectic and I’m just now getting caught up (my humblest apologies).

Join me in congratulating Dr. Pamela Louderback as she takes over the helm as Director of the Library on the Broken Arrow Campus.

Pamela is an Assistant Professor and has been with NSU Broken Arrow since its beginning in October of 2001.

Her personal and professional research interests include assisting students in the transition to college.  She researches and writes in the areas of integrating technology into the curriculum, developing structured communication forms of distribution media through integrated library systems, leadership in higher education, social justice for indigenous peoples, and academic achievement and retention of American Indian college students.

Pamela has done a bit of international travel as well.  In July of 2008, she had the opportunity to visit Tasmania to present research based on my dissertation topic – “Sociocultural factors to American Indian academic success in college” and presented her ongoing research on academic success/retention at the APA conference in Toronto during August 2009.  She was the proud recipient of a UK Fulbright research scholarship in 2010 (Scholar in Governance and Public Policy 2011) to Queen’s University Belfast and was fortunate to have the opportunity to learn firsthand the rich history and heritage of the Irish, their Department of Education and it’s public policy, and the role it plays in language revitalization efforts.   The next country she plans to visit is New Zealand to engage in further research for a book.  The concept for the book she’s working on focuses on the destruction of indigenous cultural languages with a chapter devoted to a variety of cultures/places: Aboriginal/Australia, American Indian/U.S, First Nation/Canada, Irish/Northern Ireland, Welsh/Wales, Maori/New Zealand.

Congratulations Dr. Louderback and welcome to the corner office.

Posted by Tom R.


The library has answers at NSUBA Welcome Week

ImageAlong with several other campus services and organizations, the NSUBA Library participated in Welcome Week yesterday, informing students, faculty and staff of what the library can do for them.

Our “Ask Me Anything” sign drew a lot of attention and provided Pamela and Karl with the opportunity to answer 13 questions ranging from “How can I find essays in the library’s databases?” to “My class starts in five minutes. Where am I supposed to be?” We also issued OK-Share cards to half a dozen patrons, allowing them to use their NSU library privileges at other academic libraries across the state.

If you’re interested in the OK-Share program, or if you have a question of any kind, stop by the library’s 2nd floor desk and let us help you. It makes us happy!

–posted by Karl

Just a Reminder!

This week, the University’s Mission, Vision, and Values posters were hung in Building E (both floors, just outside the library).  Always a good reminder. 

  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Creativity
  • Leadership
  • Collaboration

 Happy Friday.

Up Against the Wall!

IMG_0548Happy Friday one and all!  Everyone (library staff) here in Broken Arrow  has managed to adorn the walls of their offices with “art” in some shape or form.  So we’ve decided that it is time to start highlighting these wonderful creations.

To begin our documentation . . . the first “wall art” from our esteemed Director’s office . . . enjoy!   Waca waca waca . . .

Stay tuned . . .  more art to come.

[Isn’t it amazing what one can do with sticky notes?]

Posted by Tom R.