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Apps to Teach Literacy Skills!

In a recent issue of the t|h|e journal (February 2014), there was an article about seven apps that teach literacy skills.   As mentioned in the article, these “visual and sonic aids can help student with language disorders improve their reading, writing, and speaking.”

Here are the apps:

Here’s the link to the full article.

Posted by Tom R.


Librarians at University of Oregon 3D Print “Backup copies” of Rare, Fragile Fossils

When scientists want to study Oncorhynchus rastrosus, the saber-toothed salmon, they have to treat the fossil skull housed in the University of Oregon’s paleontology department with great care. Its age and porosity make it nearly impossible to handle without damaging it. Displaying it to the public is out of the question.

Lower portion of salmon skull, seen from right side

Lower portion of salmon skull, seen from right side

However, paleontologist Edward Davis did have a CAT scan of the remains, and science librarian Dean Walton has used that data and a MakerBot Replicator II to make a 3D plastic replica which can be handled, measured, and used in displays and demonstrations for the public.

3D Printer at work (image courtesy of UO Science Library)

3D Printer at work (image courtesy of UO Science Library)

Other scientists are lining up to print their own bones. Next up is anthropologist Stephen Frost, who intends to print plastic copies of samples that he usually travels to Africa to work with.

No word on whether UO will make the models available for home printing via Thingiverse or another repository of 3D-printing instructions.

Posted by Karl S.

7 Key Ingredients in the Successful 21st Century Classroom!

Here’s a wonderful post (courtesy of the Cool Cat Teacher Blog, via Stephen’s Lighthouse, thanks).  How many of these ingredients make up your school/classroom?

“Every modern school should have at least 4 things in technology or take off the modern and just call yourself a school:
  1. a STEM Lab.
  2. Genius Hour.
  3. Flat Online Connections and Collaborations. 
  4. A network engineered to support 1:1 or better.
  5. A Connected, Passionate Educator
  6. A Worthy To Be List
  7. The Flexibility to  be a Teacherpreneur”

Here’s a link to the original post (with more detailed explanation of each ingredient).

Posted by Tom R.

100 Websites Your Should Know and Use!

Back in 2007, Julie Wiedemann (the editor in charge at Taschen GmbH) gave a TED talk on the “100 websites you should know and use” (one of the most viewed TED blog posts ever).  Here is the updated version for 2013.  Enjoy!


The ones that are no longer functional have been “crossed out.”  But, because there are so many amazing resources available these days, please feel free to add your own ideas and/or compile your own list. Happy surfing!

Posted by Tom R.

Professors’ Use of Social Media!

Last week I posted an infographic on mobile technology use by students. So, why not follow it up this week with an infographic (Courtesy of BestCollegesOnline.com) on professors’ use of social media?

Professors & Social Media

Students’ Use of Mobile Technology!

Another semester is in the books and the students will be beginning their holiday break. But when they return in January, are you aware of how they are currently using mobile technology throughout the course of their day? Here’s an infographic from OnlineDegrees.org that examines the use of mobile technology by college students.

Mobile Lives of Online Colleges

Social Media in the Classroom!

Here is a wonderful inforgraphic (courtesy of www.onlinecolleges.net) that I ran across on Stephen Abram’s blog (Stephen’s Lighthouse).  Have you begun to incorporate any of this technology in your classroom yet?  There’s still time, it’s not too late.  Happy Monday!