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They’re Here . . .

. . . the Winter Olympics that is.  And for all of you Olympic junkies out there (mea culpa!) did you know that there is a searchable online database of all of the athletes (complete with photographs)?   You are able to search up to three criteria (sport, country and keyword) and are able to retrieve the athlete’s name, sport, nationality, height, weight, date of birth and age.  Clicking on their name will open up a new window with expanded information on the athlete (their coach, their hobbies, the event they are participating in and much more [if provided]).

Check it out

In addition to the directory of athletes, you can also access the schedule of events (and results), the medal counts, any news, photos, videos, ticket information, the Olympic Store, a spectator guide, and information on the Paralympic Games.  

To mark the start of the Winter Olympics in Vancouver,  here is a wonderful humorous reminder from www.despair.com that  everyone, even a world-class athlete, stumbles from time to time.  This year’s Olympics will have more than its share of “stumbles” and disappointing performances (I’m sure); but all of these athletes are to be commended for their effort and achievement regardless of the outcome.  Kudos and congratulations to all of our Olympics Athletes and good luck as you go for the gold!

Posted by Tom R.